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ICON CFD Products offer a far more straightforward, affordable and effective choice of options to access unlimited industry robust digital engineering software. You have the flexible option to integrate your own simulation workflow into your own agnostic platform in your own HPC facilities – with no expensive software and hardware vendor lock-ins.

The big difference is that we are engineers first, not just expert coders with exceptional software. As such, the conversation is about solving your problems and helping you achieve your desired improvements and objectives, NOT about locking you in to a multi-year product that does not evolve to suit your requirements – a refreshing change perhaps, compared to some.

ICON CFD Products simplify and speed-up the decision-making process.  You won’t be left with sticker-shock or confused by long lists of products that have been acquired from legacy business take-overs or options that only the vendor understands – we talk in terms of one robust simulation process for your industry application. The only choice you need to make is “Do we want on-premise desktop software or a public / private cloud application environment?”.

ICON can then provide an unlimited simulation capability that you can plan and budget for upfront without fear of adding another 10k cores to your HPC facilities.  In the same way we disrupted industrial applications with open source CFD, you can also rely on us to be looking ahead at the next disruptive digital engineering technologies that have the potential to improve your products.

Based on 30 years’ CFD industry application experience, ICON offers:

  1. CFD Simulation Software – iconCFD®
  2. CFD Simulation Cloud – iconPlatform

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On-premise and cloud-based CFD products and expert services deliver significant operational, commercial and competitive advantages – fast, accurate, flexible, scalable and at substantially lower cost than the big software vendors and conglomerates.

  • Global presence; offices in the UK/Europe, Americas and Asia
  • 200+ people in broader group; 100+ of whom are CFD/CAE specialists
  • The pioneers of unlimited, open source CFD technology for industry
  • ICON engineers fully integrated into customers’ working environments
  • A globally trusted, expert engineering partner to industry for over 30 years

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