ICON neue Website und Corporate Branding

ICON is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which is accompanied by the redesign of its corporate branding, including logo.

The branding brings a fresh new look to ICON’s future identity, while paying tribute to ICON’s long history, culture and commitment to its customers for 30 years.  ICON has worked hard to become the globally trusted partner it is today for computational fluid dynamics engineering applications to world leading OEMs, emerging disruptors and suppliers.  It is our mission to deliver state-of-the-art decision-making assistance with unique CFD products and expert CFD services using public and private clouds.

Our culture will continue to be collaborative, consultative and flexible, finding robust solutions to the latest bleeding-edge engineering problem, focussing on emerging areas of technology. Our roadmap for industry includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in our platform to further speed-up simulation workflows, optimising product designs in optimal time and cost in this era of electrification, automation and drive towards net-zero.  ICON’s engineering expertise is not just limited to simulation objectives, but extends to the physical testing process and critically, how the new designs will be integrated into the development of the whole product.

ICON’s new website is designed to provide users with easy access to information about ICON products and service applications, which offer significant operational, commercial and competitive benefits – fast, accurate, flexible and scalable – all at substantially less cost than the big software vendors and conglomerates.

Contact ICON for further information and our updated branding guidelines.