JS2R-RH2 CFD Simulation

At the 24H of Le Mans, Ligier Automotive and Bosch Engineering GmbH unveiled their first high-performance vehicle with a hydrogen engine: the JS2 RH2.

ICON Technology & Process Consulting, with its pioneering expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, is thrilled to collaborate with Ligier Automotive and Bosch Engineering on this H2 Technological Demonstrator project and shape the future of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Notably, ICON leverages the cutting-edge capacities of iconPlatform to rapidly prepare, run, and analyze simulations using iconCFD best-in-class high fidelity solvers. This powerful fusion of skills and technology is propelling us towards a greener, more efficient, and high-performing era in transportation. Stay tuned for more on this innovative journey!

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