ICON reaction to ESI® acquisition of OpenCFD® Limited and OpenFOAM® Trademark

September 12, 2012, Windsor UK.

ICON see this latest acquisition by ESI of OpenCFD Limited as another reinforcement of the widely accepted view that open source CFD technology and related services, are now an integral and invaluable part of industrial engineering simulation.

It is too early to say how the acquisition of OpenCFD Limited and the OpenFOAM trademark by ESI will be perceived by the CFD community. However, as for the last 20 years, at ICON we will remain completely committed to serving our clients’ interests in our specialist and sole technology focus of CFD processes, ensuring greatest value and productivity, to drive our customers’ product and process design.

We continue to welcome any collaboration that takes CFD forward, with our principal aim being to ensure the delivery of high quality CFD process to our rapidly growing client base. ICON remains a preferred independent CFD solutions provider to industry – developing and supporting CFD process, based upon both open and proprietary technologies.

As a privately-held company, without public shareholders interests to satisfy, ICON can and will continue act independently and to re-invest income into the CFD processes that add greatest value for it’s customers. Working together with various third-party partners in technology, territory support provision and hardware, ICON will continue to strive to provide the greatest value from, and impact upon, CFD-related processes.

OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® are registered trademarks of ESI®