ICON organizes OpenFOAM International Conference in London, UK

2007 saw the introduction of the OpenFOAM International Conference in London by ICON. The event brought together users, developers, academics and industry managers. More than 100 delegates from over 25 countries assembled to hear presentations and exchange views on topics ranging from multi-phase flow to industrial optimisation enabled by the versatile OPENFOAM toolbox.

The event highlighted new and unique capabilities of OpenFOAM® and showed how CAE is advancing through adoption of the software.

Who attended?

– Existing OPENFOAM Users
– CFD Engineers seeking to investigate OpenFOAM
– Industry Managers and IT Implementers
– Academia
– Technology Consultants

The papers presented were from industrial and academic contributors. Key note addresses were provided by Henry Weller of OpenCFD® Ltd. who discussed Aspects of OpenFOAM, Dr. Moni Islam of AUDI AG who addressed the Automatic Optimization of a Cooling Duct using OpenFoam and sharing the platform was ICON who presented the Integration of OpenFOAM into Industrial CAE Processes.

Full proceedings are available here.