ICON attended SAE International’s WCX 2024 in Detroit

It was great to attend #WCX2024 filled with industry insights and #networking opportunities. We are grateful for the chance to engage with leaders in #automotive #engineering and witness the latest advancements shaping our field.

We were very pleased to attend the presentation by Paul Norman and Kevin Howard of Ford Motor Company, which included the use of ICON’s CFD Simulation Software #iconCFD® in a paper on “A Mechanical Energy Control Volume Approach Applied to CFD Simulations of Road Vehicles”.

In another session, Kevin Howard presented on the “Introduction of the eGTU – an electric version of the Generic Truck Utility Aerodynamic Research Model”. The paper discusses the use of the #transient solver of ICON’s #simulation software #iconCFD® in #CFD simulations for the eGTU model.
The paper mentions leveraging iconCFD’s capabilities to assist in visualizing differences between internal combustion engine (#ICE) and electric #vehicle (#EV) versions of the GTU and to support discussions with simulated results. Specifically, it cites the use of iconCFD® for generating quantitative results and visualizations that help explain the experimental findings, such as reductions in drag due to changes in the vehicle’s #underbody configuration.

Thank you to all who contributed to making WCX 2024 a productive and enriching experience. We are looking forward to the continued progress and future partnerships in next year’s event!

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