Vehicle Water Management and Soiling CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Vehicle Water Management and Soiling

Vehicle Water Management and Soiling CFD is an essential tool for today’s aerodynamics engineers in developing tomorrow’s vehicles. In particular, as cameras and sensors become commonplace and as we move to automated vehicles, reliability and safety have to be at the forefront of design; deposition, liquid films, etc become high risk.

Proven and practical
Developed with a team of automotive aerodynamics engineers who use the product daily to work on the next generation of vehicles, iconCFD® has to be first choice. Complex, multi-physics solutions become quicker, easier and cheaper than ever before. Unlimited HPC-cores, parallel runs and CFD users saves you both time and money. Most importantly, it enables unrestricted, cost-effective exploration of ideas and possibilities in early design phase.

What water management and soiling applications are served?

  • Validated workflow for exterior water management and self-soiling of ground vehicles
  • Efficient vehicle wiper model for detailed analysis of film overflow around A-pillar with low CPU cost
  • Moving mesh support for applications involving self-soiling with rotating wheels
  • Tools to monitor particle properties and path lines as well as fluid/film interface and film thickness visualisation
  • Analysis of self and third-party soiling – front, rear, side, mirrors, gutters, engine intake, etc
  • Comparison of saloon and estate rear-soiling
  • Comparison of soiling at 70, 90, 110, 140 km/h
  • Critical components soiling
  • Air-filter contamination

In summary, iconCFD® offers automotive OEMs, emerging disruptors and suppliers significant operational, commercial and competitive advantages. That means more accuracy, more speed, more flexibility, greater capacity and lower costs. Furthermore, our mission is also to make CFD less complex and less expensive for you to use. With over 30 years’ experience and expertise working in industry, you can trust ICON to deliver.

In addition to CFD software, we also provide CFD consulting, CFD training and CFD support services to help you resolve problems and increase independent capability.

Why not find out more?

In summary, ICON is the global expert and proven best choice for vehicle water management and soiling CFD modelling. We offer a viable alternative to the big software conglomerates that gives you more accuracy, more speed, more flexibility, greater capacity and lower costs. Get in touch and find out more.

Our on-premise and cloud-based CFD products and expert services deliver significant operational, commercial and competitive benefits for clients:


  • Data sovereignty - your data under your control.
  • Frictionless exchange; one integrated process for all users.
  • Robust operational quality as standard: ISO certified.


  • Unlimited parallel simulations.
  • Faster convergence to solution.
  • Reduced product development cycles.


  • Substantially less cost than big software conglomerates.
  • Unlimited HPC-cores, parallel runs and CFD users.
  • Huge cost savings in design, development, modification.


  • Simulations capability within just a few hours of training.
  • Fully automated workflows and templated applications.
  • Subscription model with pricing known up-front.

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Trust ICON

On-premise and cloud-based CFD products and expert services deliver significant operational, commercial and competitive advantages – fast, accurate, flexible, scalable and at substantially lower cost than the big software vendors and conglomerates.

  • Global presence; offices in the UK/Europe, Americas and Asia
  • 200+ people in broader group; 100+ of whom are CFD/CAE specialists
  • The pioneers of unlimited, open source CFD technology for industry
  • ICON engineers fully integrated into customers’ working environments
  • A globally trusted, expert engineering partner to industry for over 30 years

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