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Computational Fluid Dynamics for automotive Aero Acoustics

The application of aero-acoustics automotive CFD is an essential part of the process for today’s product designers and engineers. Effective noise mitigation has become an increasingly important element for environmental, compliance, cost, health and of course, passenger comfort reasons.

iconCFD® applications make aero-acoustic automotive CFD analysis and evaluation less complex and less expensive for you to use. You are not locked into expensive or long-term contracts either. You can address a wide range of noise problems including source investigation, propagation, reduction, absorption, reflection, attenuation, scattering, reception, etc.

Applications facilitate analysis, evaluation, reduction even eradication of noise from a wide variety of sources. These include: air-conditioning, antennae, badges, door handles, engine, fans, grills, outlets, racks, roof girders, side window booming, sun rooves, windshield wipers, wing mirrors.

Key features of ICON’s aero-acoustics automotive CFD modelling:

  1. Ability to compute sound propagation using the FHW (Ffowcks-Williams & Hawkins) boundary element method (BEM)
  2. Increased accuracy in prediction of aero-acoustic noise in vehicle cabins, including buffeting effects
  3. Support for export of CFD result data to vibro-acoustics analysis like VA One
  4. Propagation of acoustic waves to far field observers based on LC and FWH analogies
  5. Integrated FFT analysis of CFD results in point locations, as well as on whole surfaces and in fluid volumes
  6. Just a few steps during setup add aero-acoustic analysis and post-processing to an aerodynamics simulation

In addition, you get:

  • Highly accurate incompressible and compressible DES simulations
  • Complex numerics and advanced turbulence treatment resulting in better correlation with experiments
  • Excellent parallel scaling on HPC, particularly advantageous for the high cell counts often necessary for complex aero-acoustic problems
  • Transient pressure data stored in monolithic file format for faster IO
  • Unlimited HPC usage enabling full use of available HPC resources
  • Integrated aero-acoustic post-processing including point, surface and volume FFT analysis
  • Automatically generated high-quality, hexa-dominant meshes which speed up and simplify the simulation process
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Just a few steps during setup to add aero-acoustic analysis and post-processing to an aerodynamics simulation

In addition to software, we also provide CFD consulting, CFD training and CFD support services to help you resolve problems and increase independent capability.

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In summary, ICON offers a viable alternative to the big software conglomerates that gives you more accuracy, more speed, more flexibility, greater capacity and lower costs. With over 30 years’ CFD experience and expertise working in industry, you can trust ICON to deliver. Get in touch and find out more.

Our on-premise and cloud-based CFD products and expert services deliver significant operational, commercial and competitive benefits for clients:


  • Data sovereignty - your data under your control.
  • Frictionless exchange; one integrated process for all users.
  • Robust operational quality as standard: ISO certified.


  • Unlimited parallel simulations.
  • Faster convergence to solution.
  • Reduced product development cycles.


  • Substantially less cost than big software conglomerates.
  • Unlimited HPC-cores, parallel runs and CFD users.
  • Huge cost savings in design, development, modification.


  • Simulations capability within just a few hours of training.
  • Fully automated workflows and templated applications.
  • Subscription model with pricing known up-front.

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Trust ICON

On-premise and cloud-based CFD products and expert services deliver significant operational, commercial and competitive advantages – fast, accurate, flexible, scalable and at substantially lower cost than the big software vendors and conglomerates.

  • Global presence; offices in the UK/Europe, Americas and Asia
  • 200+ people in broader group; 100+ of whom are CFD/CAE specialists
  • The pioneers of unlimited, open source CFD technology for industry
  • ICON engineers fully integrated into customers’ working environments
  • A globally trusted, expert engineering partner to industry for over 30 years

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