iconCFD 2.1.1 introduces full support for new species transport solvers and accompanying models and boundary conditions:

– speciesTransportFoam is a transient species solver using a pre-calculated steady-state flow field.
– buoyantBoussinesqSpeciePimpleFoam computes a transient or pseudo-transient, incompressible, turbulent, buoyancy-driven flow along with a species transport solution.

Both solvers are capable of simulating the transport of multiple species. Two new dictionaries have been added:

– speciesTransportProperties: defines the necessary physical properties of the different species (i.e.: density, mass diffusion coefficients …).
– speciesSourceProperties: enables time dependant injection of species in specific regions of the simulation domain.

A new inlet boundary condition is available for simulating the recirculation from outlets to inlets (time delays, specific specie filters, additional sources). This can enable for example the simulation of building and aircraft ventilation systems.

Set-up of specie source in iconCFD GUI

With an additional feature in the fieldProcess function object the user can calculate and output the species concentrations in different units (kg/m3, ppm, …).

The iconCFD GUI allows full set-up of speciesTransportFoam and buoyantBoussinesqSpeciePimpleFoam cases, using the recirculation boundary condition, volumetric specie sources, and species transport properties.

Click here to watch video about newly implemented species transport functionality in iconCFD

Some example applications are simulating the dispersion of smoke, gases or pathogens in buildings and ventilation systems, the mixing of gases or fluids in industrial processes…

iconCFD 2.1.1 will soon be available. You will be informed in a separate email.

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