ICON has extensive experience in supporting  OEMs in the design and packaging of engine bays.

Over the years a variety of tools were developed to help the engineers with:

  • Front End Air Flow

    • Accurate flow rate predictions

  • • Cooling drag evaluation

  • • Fast identification of air leakages

  • • Ducting optimization (power loss, flow uniformity, etc.)

  • Under-Hood Thermal Management

    • Identification of critical hot spots which can lead to system failure from engine bay all the way down the exhaust line

  • • Accurate control of cooling efficiency through thermal modelling and integrated heat exchanger and fan models

  • • Inclusion of radiation effects, buoyancy and heat shields

  • Brake Cooling

    • Temperature prediction and convective heat transfer maps of brake disk and all components up to brake fluid

  • • Optimization of cooling ducts whilst minimizing drag trade-off

  • • Critical components soiling

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